Friday, 20 November 2015

The Excuses Are Getting Poorer…

Molly Watt, 21, has the genetic disorder Usher Syndrome, and is registered deafblind. She can hear with the assistance of a hearing aid, and has limited tunnel vision, so relies on her guide dog Unis.
Molly says her mum, Jane, rang Dot2Dot Taxis on Tuesday morning, asking for a car to take them to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.
She said: "My mum asked for a taxi to T5 and said we would be travelling with a guide dog. "He then said 'we don't take guide dogs, never have'.
"Mum told him they were breaking the law to deny access and he said it isn't as Dot2Dot is a private chauffeuring company."
Molly says that, after her mum reaffirmed it was illegal to refuse to take a guide dog, she was put on to another person at Dot2Dot, who apologised for his colleague and offered a minicab.
In other words, they thought ‘Shit! We’ve been rumbled, she knows her stuff!’

Do we know why they would refuse a guide dog? Any clues?
Jane has sent a complaint to the Royal Borough's licensing department, which is investigating. In response, Shafiq Iqbal from Dot2Dot …
… said his colleague, who Jane spoke to, said Jane did not specify that Unis was a guide dog.
He said: "She just said she had a dog, she didn't specify saying it's a guidedog." He added:
"We never say no to guide dogs but we do not accept normal pets."
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pull the other one. It's laughable, no matter how many times we hear it:
Hoque claimed he had not heard Mr Dilly say he was blind or any mention of a guide dog.
Hailo sacked him. Good for them. Let's see more of these arrogant bastards lose their jobs, until they start learning that the law applies to them too.


Flaxen Saxon said...

There are none as blind as those that can't see their arse or elbow...

Anonymous said...

"Hailo sacked him."
What's the betting Iqbal was quietly rehired the next day?

Ted Treen said...

The more sacked the better. Our (secular) law applies in this country not sharia. If dogs upset their religious/superstitious sensibilities, sod off to somewhere where they give a damn, as we're sick to the back teeth with islamopandering.

Anonymous said...


I tend to avoid companies that don't take guide dogs

Andy said...

Tell them that the dog is a saluki hunting dog, beloved breed of Arabic nabobs. Allah probably has a pack of them for hunting down infidels in heaven.

JuliaM said...

"There are none as blind as those that can't see their arse or elbow..."


"What's the betting Iqbal was quietly rehired the next day?"