Monday, 9 November 2015

The Benefits Of Diversity…

Mark Patten, 30, of Galpins Road, beat Menelaos Aligizakis to the floor before stamping on his head while "screaming hysterically" just moments after meeting him in Waterloo in the early hours of January 3.
Mr Aligizakis, 43, a Greek academic, classical pianist and former teacher at Wimbledon schools, died of head injuries at the scene of the attack.
Patten was jailed today for a minimum of 17 years today at Inner London Crown Court, where he was found guilty of murder on Thursday last week.
So....why did he launch this attack?
He has never explained why he killed Mr Aligzakis, who taught at Wimbledon College and Ursuline School in Merton and was described by his parents "a heart-warming soul to all the darkness in the world".
Mr Aligizakis, who lived in Athens and was visiting friends in London for the Christmas holidays, spent the hours before his death in the same club as his killer but the two did not meet inside. CCTV footage played during his trial showed Patten arriving at the club moments after his victim at 12.30am and leaving with a friend three minutes before him at 2.29am. The three met as they walked along Waterloo Road towards Waterloo station and engaged in friendly conversation before Patten launched his assault.
It sounds to me as if he should be in Broadmoor.


Andy said...

What sort of club did they visit? If it were known to be a venue frequented by homosexuals the reasons may be clear.

JuliaM said...

I did wonder.