Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yes, The Police Are Terribly Overstretched…

A vegetarian claims she had a bucket of coins thrown at her after asking a cafe to remove chicken from her halloumi sandwich.
Shana Stuart, 19, from Hove went into Fine Eat in Western Road and asked for her cheese sandwich not to be cooked with the meat.
But when she found there was chicken in her sandwich and returned to the cafe, she claims she was abused by cafe staff.
Miss Stuart admits she tossed the meat-tainted sandwich back to staff - but says in return a tips bucket full of coins was thrown at her, striking her at the back of the head and neck
Oh, grow up!
Sussex Police said it was investigating the incident.
Really? I mean, really..?


Trevor said...

Our (supposedly Conservative) Police and Crime Commissioner claims local policing is in a perilous state because of 'austerity'. What's the point of him? He should be going through the budget with a blue pencil, holding the police to account and rooting out inefficiency and frivolous expenditure. Instead, he's just the Chief Constable's bitch. Another £100k down the drain.

Curmudgeon said...

Has to be said it makes a change for the person involved to be a normal-looking pretty girl rather than a chunky lezzer with multiple piercings and purple hair. [/sexism]

Ted Treen said...

Precious little teenager with overwhelming sense of self-importance rudely throws sandwich at staff, and is outraged when they (naturally) throw something back.

Plod should have patted her on the head and said "There, there dear. Don't worry your little head about it; go home to Mummy who'll make you a nice tofu sandwich".

MTG said...

Beware of Greeks sharing rifts.

Northish said...

What was she expecting of this establishment? if it was respect for women, telling the truth, giving a fuck about other people, then it's my guess (based on the reaction she got)she went to the wrong place.

JuliaM said...

"What's the point of him?"

I know :( They were supposed to bring the police to heel. Instead, they've become another political sinecure.

"Has to be said it makes a change for the person involved to be a normal-looking pretty girl ..."

Heh! True!