Friday, 13 November 2015

Looks Like Judge Jamie Tabor Has Lost It Again...

... and he was doing so well:
Judge Jamie Tabor QC allowed the world class fighter to continue his training for next year's Rio Olympics by giving him a suspended jail term for the brutal assault.
A brutal assault on...whom?
Evans, of Oaktree Stables, Tyla Lane, Cardiff, had pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding a fellow member of the 'travelling community' Michael Wilson, of Ledbury, Hfds, by punching him when they were out together at a pub in Redmarley, nr Newent, Glos.
Oh. Now I'm conflicted!
Imposing a two year jail term suspended for two years Judge Tabor said the assault last October at The Inn, Redmarley, was an 'enigma.'
"Why on earth you lost your self control and punched your good friend, breaking his jaw, seems impossible to unravel," said the judge,
"There must have been an undercurrent in your relationship with Michael Wilson which you and he are not saying anything about."

H/T: anon via email

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