Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Employing Ex-Cons Is All Very Noble, But…

Miss Nash, defending, told the court her client suffered from endometriosis, at a relatively early age, and had suffered a number of problems emotionally since then.
And…that has what to do with this?
One grieving widow told Lancashire Police how Samantha Dicicco had provided friendship and support after her husband’s death, Burnley Crown Court heard.
All the while, Dicicco had been systematically going through people’s letters, at the Forest of Pendle Leisure Park, and using their bank card details to order luxuries from Selfridge’s, Marks and Spencer, and River Island.
She even opened a credit card in the name of her worst victim, Marlene Freethy, who lost out in the sum of just under £4,900, the court was told.
She looks like the trustworthy type, too!
Jailing her, Judge Beverley Lunt said she had been trusted by the owners of the caravan park, and more importantly the residents, to manage their post.
If only they’d had a crystal ball, they…

Wait. What?
She has previous convictions for stealing using her grandmother’s catalogue account and thefts using her best friend’s identity to establish online shopping profiles.
/facepalm I’d use the term ‘fox in the henhouse’, but she’s clearly no fox.


Andy said...

They say that first impressions are often correct, what would be your first impression of Dicicco be, based only on the picture? Cruel, but true.

JuliaM said...

Stereotypes exist for a very good (evolutionary) reason!