Wednesday, 4 November 2015

YONA* No More...

Judge Zoe Smith QC today lifted the anonymity order that had protected the 17-year-old because of his young age. The four had been convicted of murder by an Old Bailey jury that had defied death threats from the public gallery.
William-Dawodu was ordered to serve a minimum of 18 and a half years for the murder and for another “wholly unprovoked” knife attack in the street.
He had been on bail for that attack when he carried out the murder despite being subject to a curfew that had banned him from entering Hackney.
Thus showing that the justice system isn't worth a candle...

H/T: Wiggia via email

*Youth of No Appearance


Anonymous said...

No humans involved. One less to worry about.

staybryte said...

Can someone give me a good reason for not simply executing this bunch forthwith?

Anonymous said...

"death threats from the public gallery"

Vibrant community cohesion, getting their voices heard, involvement in public life - wonderful!

JuliaM said...

"No humans involved."