Wednesday 9 December 2015

Gaming 2014: "World Of Warcraft;WoD expansion" (ASUS Gaming PC)

And so to the last choice, and the only game that I keep coming back to, because it's constantly changing and evolving and improving - Blizzard's 'World Of Warcraft'

And - having taken a break at 'Cataclysm' (the third expansion) because I got into other games, and because my PC was creaking a bit by then - I was tempted to resume and see how my just-purchased new gaming PC would handle it, so jumped back in in Nov 2014.

And boy oh boy, whoever tells you you can't go back is wrong, so wrong!

I'd missed an entire expansion - the gorgeously-designed Chinese themed 'Mists of Pandaria' - and played through that on my two lvl 80s before biting the bullet and upgrading to the latest expansion, taking advantage of the level boost option to jump my 72 ShadowPriest straight to 90 to see what all this peculiar 'garrison' stuff was about.

Well, it gives you staff. NPCs who play WoW for you while you're away. How cool is that? And you don't have to write their annual review! :)

And now I'm hooked again!

Warcraft doesn't just have a few videos on YouTube, it has its own channel. It's spawned an entire subculture, it has more options for gamers than any other game. Tired of levelling and fighting and raiding? Try professions - Harrison Jones will take some time out from flirting with students in the Stormwind Keep library to teach you archaeology!

Or set out to conquer achievements - there are millions!

Or just explore, or help newbies. The World of Warcraft is your oyster.

Sometimes it's a greedy master. Blizzard clearly don't want you logging off to go play Farmville, or Pokemon, or SimCity...

It's a game that rewards and enthralls and occupies in equal measures. What will 2016 hold for it? Who knows. But it'll be a wild ride, and I'll be there!


Crazed Weevil said...

Are you a Horde or an Alliance groupie?

Might try playing bored with SWTOR and the daft changes they keep making. Maybe play a Draenei Shadow Priest on one of the RP servers for laughs.

JuliaM said...

Oh, Alliance mostly, at least on my mains. But I have tried a Tauren and a Blood Elf. Mainly just to see the other side's capital cities.

Blizzard's attention to detail is second to none in gaming.