Wednesday 2 December 2015

"Yeah, But We're The Real Victims Here..."

No, not Muslims this time.
Police officers finally attended on Saturday evening, 36 hours after the attack, and have spoken to the owner of the terrier about the possibility of rehoming it.
Mrs Armstrong said: “I just can’t understand why they did not send someone out earlier.
“When they arrived, the officers said if it was any consolation, they had not had a break all day.
“They said there was no budget and no staff to cover.”
Yeah, they often say that. All forces use the Terrible Toree Cutz as the bogeyman.

But they have no problems dealing with serious crime, I note.


MTG said...

Plod are entitled to their refreshment breaks...even if this means long hours at the bakery counter, selecting from a new and confusing range of doughnut fillings and glazes, with which uniformed epicure are less accustomed.

Ted Treen said...

It's damned hard work spending all day trawling Facebook and Twitter looking for people who have been rude to someone else...

TwentyRothmans said...

Police come in for a lot of criticism.
But I saw one chase down and subdue a crazed savage on the Uxbridge Road the other day - which was done without thought for his own safety.
Jesus, that took guts.

Anonymous said...

Hello TR, didn't see that in the news. However had the officer made a non PC comment during the arrest then that would have made the headlines.

JuliaM said...

"It's damned hard work spending all day trawling Facebook and Twitter..."

I wish I could get paid for it!

"Jesus, that took guts."

And last night's Leytonstone hi-jinks must have caused a bit of the pucker factor too.