Wednesday 9 December 2015

It’s Actually Unseasonably Mild For This Time Of Year…

…as is evident by the shoestring-strap vest you’ve put on for your photo, which rather gives the lie to the coat you’ve swaddled your poor kid in:
Linda-Marie Irvine, 22, lives in a council home in Lincoln Road, Basildon, with her asthmatic daughter Megan-Louise, three.
She claims four electricians have visited her home in recent months (Ed: Is this the start of a mucky film..?), leaving exposed wiring and fittings still hanging from the walls.
Miss Irvine said: “They keep fobbing me off, but it’s unsafe for a three-year-old with asthma to live here.
“One of the electricians actually said he wasn’t willing to work in the house because it was unsafe, yet the council is willing to let me keep living here. My daughter has a weak immune system and asthma, but it’s freezing in here. She has to sleep with about four duvets in her bed every night.”
Really? I mean, come on! Even the ‘think of the chiiiiillllldreeeeen!’ mob aren’t going to fall for that one.
A council spokesman said work to repair the heating problems was due to be carried out next week. He added: “Miss Irvine contacted the council in November to report there were no storage heaters in the property.
“An appointment was booked for an electrician to attend and survey the property for installation of heaters.
“They identified the work required but also found additional wiring work was required.
“This is due to be carried out next week and the contractor has provided temporary heaters to use in the meantime.”
Nice try, love, but your bid for compo and/or a house move didn’t make the grade. Better luck next time.

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