Monday 7 December 2015

It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Council-Appointed Lawyer Sings!

A decision on renaming the roads on the Five Links estate in Laindon will be referred back to a district judge after the High Court upheld a council legal challenge.
Residents, who fiercely oppose the plans, were dealt a further blow when the judge ruled they must pick up the entire cost of the legal process so far.
Yes, it’s this case again.

The council, after all, have a limitless pool of taxpayer cash, so of course they aren’t going to give up…
Basildon Council, which hired a £7,800 per day lawyer for the High Court hearing, has successfully argued the legal basis for the original April ruling, in favour of the residents, was incorrect.
The case will now be referred back to the same district judge at Basildon Magistrates’ Court, who will reconsider.
The same judge! Will he take this lying down?

Watch this space…


Lord T said...

Ah. British justice (Note the lower case J). The best you can afford.

JuliaM said...

The best some other bugger can afford, in the council's case!