Friday 11 December 2015

Official Reassurance Not So Reassuring…

Concerned Allington residents took to the internet to warn neighbours about a man who had reportedly attempted to steal a dog, before trying to get into a woman’s car.
The incident yesterday evening followed separate reports of a man of the same description knocking on doors and trying to enter another person’s car in the area.
One woman said her dog was at a mobile groomers in The Weavers when the man tried to climb into the van and take her pet. He then panicked and tried to get into the back of a woman’s car as she reversed around a corner in the same road.
She screamed and got out of the car while it was still moving and he ran off.
A man matching the description was also found hiding in the boot of a car in nearby Birchwood Road at 6.20pm.
Scary! Luckily the miscreant was quickly apprehended by our brave boys in blue.

Whew! What a relief!
Police were called and later found the suspect, described as tall, slim and eastern European, who turned out to be a confused migrant.
A spokesman said: “The man was a legal migrant who could not speak English and officers used a translator and directed him to a homeless shelter.
No offences had been committed and it is believed he was trying to get to London.”
In a dog van, and the boot of a car?


Ted Treen said...

I think all that was plodspeak for "We couldn't be arsed:- no-one died - or had rude words put on social media about them..."

JuliaM said...

Probably! Followed by a big helping of 'Nasty English racists, upsetting the poor itinerant foreigner'..

Anonymous said...

What was he going to do when someone answered the door if he couldn't speak English?

How do you mime, "Do you have any unwanted domestic pets in this house, I am willing to accept them, no questions asked."