Thursday 10 December 2015

Oh, Those Wacky Lib Dems…

Every hospital accident and emergency department in London should have a
Tip-top up to the minute medical scanner on 24 hour availability?

Super-efficient surgical teams on 24 hour rotation?

Nurses that don’t sigh & reluctantly put down their copy of ‘Heat’ magazine when you ask if your elderly mother could have her bedsheets changed?

No. Of course not:
dedicated youth worker to help break the cycle of teenage knife crime, the Liberal Democrats said today.
Just what hospitals need, another non-medical person getting underfoot…


Antisthenes said...

When I look at all those NHS receptionists, administrators, nurses and the like all milling about like demented corralled horses shuffling bits of paper between work stations. I think nostalgically of the French healthcare service which I was fortunate enough to be treated by for many years. With that service there is barely a piece of paper in sight or many people who are not directly employed in caring for patients and those many times fewer than the NHS appear to need to do the same job and indeed doing it better.

Still who am I to criticise the NHS as anyone will tell you that the NHS is sacred and the envy of the world. Well in my experience I can say the NHS is not sacred and because it is dysfunctional and not fit for purpose is most definitely not the envy of the world. The only envy it invokes is because it is free and marvelled at the fact that it can be. Not realising that the current provision and funding of it is totally unsustainable as is constantly being proven and the service needs root and branch reform. Perhaps looking at French healthcare may give pointers to building an NHS that actually cares more for it's patients than it's employees.

JuliaM said...

"When I look at all those NHS receptionists, administrators, nurses and the like all milling about..."

It seems a truism of State organs (maybe the larger private industries too? - that the more staff you have, the less efficient you are.