Saturday 5 December 2015

Grow Up, People! They Are Police Officers, Not Hurt Feelings Co-Ordinators!

Asked if she had a message for the ranting man, Ms Brookman said: “His views are unbelievably outdated and offensive in 2015.
“While people like him still exist and think women should not be commuting and working like men there’s still a long way to go.”
Woman has encounter with male chauvinist pig on Tube platform, gives as good as she gets, Tweets about it, the end.

But wait! Her feels! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!
TfL’s director of enforcement Steve Burton called the man’s outburst “unacceptable”.
“All our customers have the right to travel without abuse from other passengers,” he said.
“This unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.
“If you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable please report it to the police or a member of staff.”
Oh, good god! Finding out that there’s some unreconstructed dinosaur on the same platform as you, who thinks you should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, is not a police matter!

I can’t say it’s even a matter for the underground staff – what are they going to do, revoke the guy’s Oyster card?

Meanwhile, in Southend:
In the last month, his team have dealt with harassment texts relating to the unhappy sale of a car, children shouting abuse at each other outside of school and numerous road rage incidents.
All of these incidents, which police are obliged to log in their system and carry out initial investigations, have resulted in no further action due to uncooperative victims.
He has urged people to think before phoning police.
Waste of time. No-one’s listening.


Anonymous said...

I followed the link to that first story, and I've got just one thing to say.

Stunning photo!

Uncle Badger said...

TFL has a 'Director Of Enforcement'?!

Does he have a gun? Jackboots? A shiny peaked cap? A book of the names of gum-droppers ready for the camps?

We are in need of a cull.

JuliaM said...

"...and I've got just one thing to say."

*Braces for impact* ;)

"Does he have a gun? Jackboots? A shiny peaked cap?"

I suspect he cries himself to sleep each night, because he has none of those things...