Wednesday 2 December 2015

There's Really Only So Much The Criminal Justice System Can Do, Isn't There?

The family of a 24-year-old man murdered by an intoxicated friend with a history of knife crime said they have been "let down" by...
Wait for it, wait for it...!
...the criminal justice system.
Of course!

So, was he a total innocent, slaughtered while walking down the street, minding his own business?
Oliver Parsons was high and drunk on a cocktail of lager, vodka, whiskey, the legal high Euphoria, cannabis and Mephedrone when he stabbed Joe Lewis through the heart in a Brighton flat on Christmas morning.
The attack was just three months after Parsons phoned police from the Royal Sussex County Hospital telling officers he had a knife on him and was going to harm members of the public, and followed a handful of other knife-related crimes.
Gosh. Who could have predicted something bad would happen?
Speaking to The Argus after the 31-year-old, of no fixed address, was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 16 years without parole, the Lewis family said they were "disgusted" to learn of his 55 past offences accounting for 34 previous convictions.
It's a shame we can't ask the deceased if he was aware, isn't it?
Parsons and Mr Lewis were staying with their friend Mateusz Witczak in his Warwick Mount studio apartment in Montague Street, and bought drink and drugs to kick start the Christmas festivities.
Mr Witczak told police the generally quiet Mr Lewis became loud and was warned the noise would upset the neighbours. At this point Parsons got involved and threatened to throw him out if he did not stop. They became embroiled in an argument, and Parsons later claimed he was protecting himself and Mr Witczak because they were being punched in the head. But no injuries consistent with his story were found, the court heard.
Yet another 'No Humans Involved' story...
She reduced Parsons' life sentence of 18 years without parole by two for the time he has already served in custody and his guilty plea, which he entered two days ago as his trial was due to start. He will remain on licence for the rest of his life.
Judge Barnes said: "You have been before the courts on so many occasions. You had ten-and-a-half-months to admit your guilt. The family will never recover from it [losing Mr Lewis]."
Forgive me, but does he seem much of a loss to anyone?


Ted Treen said...

"......the criminal justice system..."

For the umpteenth time, in this country we do NOT have, and NEVER have had a "criminal justice system".

What we have is a LEGAL system which deals with the law. This may or may not also be justice; if it is then it is merely happenchance. Such intent is not part of our system.

JuliaM said...

Good point. But I have to call it something, and this is a family blog... ;)