Friday 4 December 2015

If I’m Footing The Bill, You’ll Live Where I Can Afford…

…not where you think you ought to live:
Residents on benefits are “shocked and appalled” by suggestions they could be advised to leave Brighton and Hove because it is no longer affordable for them.
Claimants said they would have to be dragged “kicking and screaming” from their city to make a new home in towns and cities with cheaper housing markets.
Fair enough. If that is what it takes.
Community campaigners warned that driving the city’s poorest families out of the city would radically alter and harm the city’s distinctive charm.
Giuseppina Salamone, from CASE Central which advises low-income residents and welfare claimants, said increasing numbers of private landlords were not even accepting benefit-claiming residents.
She said: “The problem is Brighton and Hove is a wonderful city because of its diversity.
“You have people living on nothing but who are very creative or who do things politically. “
Yes. There’s a word for these people. Spongers.
“But it will all be different if this continues. “
I hope so! I might take a day trip, if all the druggie scum and benefit monkeys move out!
Steve Parry, community campaigner and advocacy worker on welfare issues, said the advice for council officers to recommend the poorest families to leave the city should be “resisted as strongly as possible” .
He said: “It would destroy the distinctive cultural diversity, the metropolitan nature, the unique nature of the place.
“It would totally destroy the communities of working people who were born and bred here.
“I think it is driven ideologically, there’s no shortage of research that indicates the impact these cuts are having.”
Not taking the news that you might have to find a real job pretty soon very well, are you, Steve?


Anonymous said...

"“You have people living on nothing but who are very creative or who do things politically. “"
Can't those who value such things pay for it? I go to Church and my offering pays for my pastor not the tax system. Perhaps those who value these people should do the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose that the protests from the likes of Guiseppa and Steve would have anything to do with the fact that they may have to find a proper job if the parasites move out?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Just 're-read your last line. Beaten to it again. Bugger!

MTG said...

Hypocrisy will come easy to the parasites basking in plod pensions, Penise.

Ed P said...

Harm the Charm? More like, "Move (out) to Improve"

Budvar said...

Great idea Joolz, move people out to low rent areas. Only those low rent areas tend to be low work areas too. That's what we need, an increase in our rents due to increased demand and yet more low life scum dumped on us.

Anonymous said...

Paying 11% of your gross salary for 30 years to receive a pension hardly seems like parasitism. You may wish to re-read the definition of the word, or perhaps look in the mirror?
Have you found out where the council are moving you to?

mikebbravo said...

Schadenfreude again.

The usuals make Brighton awash with pink money and then complain that another of their favoured groups suffer.

Anonymous said...

Well done Melvin for changing the subject back your favourite one. Care in the community just isn't working for you is it?

Anonymous said...

Good old Melv, found another psychiatrist to let him back out! Mad as ever.

Anonymous said...

By the way Penseivat-I pay 14% now. But that won't stop the resident blog nutter ranting away.

Anonymous said...

Paying more contributions over a longer period of time for a smaller pension seems to make sense to Cameron, Osborne and May. Shame they don't apply the same system to themselves, but why should they? They may be morally bankrupt but they're not stupid.
I was lucky. I got out at the right time. Unfortunately, someone let Melv out at roughly the same time :).

JuliaM said...

"Can't those who value such things pay for it?"

Good grief, what a strange concept!

"Only those low rent areas tend to be low work areas too."

That's OK, because few, if any, of these people intend working.

"Shame they don't apply the same system to themselves..."

Remember how ObamaCare didn't apply to the political classes? These people are special, don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Film them being dragged out kicking and screaming, make sure it includes them arriving in their new home with no hope of getting back to their favoured paradise and then sell copies.mA sure fire winner. It would cheer me up time and again. Especially of I knew, with certainty, that it was still going on...and on...and on...