Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"Gosh, What A Surprise!", Said No One, Ever...

The number of children who disappear soon after arriving in the UK as asylum seekers has doubled over the past year...
I know, I know. Who could have anticipated this, eh?

Still, fear not, citizen! Your elected representative is on the case!
The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will present a bill in the Commons this week calling for...
An immediate ban on accepting child 'refugees'?

More detention centres to hold the ones we already have?
...better support for such children.
...data shows that Vietnamese, Albanian and Afghan children are disappearing in high numbers – a worry for charities that believe these are the nationalities particularly at risk from criminal gangs.
'They' are at risk from criminal gangs?

Funny. I thought we, the taxpayers, were the ones at risk.


andy said...

Why are Vietnamese coming here? Didn't they fight tooth and nail to get rid of the Japanese, then the French and Americans from Vietnam? They got what they wanted and they`re still not happy with their country?

JuliaM said...

"They got what they wanted and they`re still not happy with their country?"

They aren't, it seems, the only ones!

"Children? You mean the hairy lipped acne'd and muscle bound seventeen and a half year old male claimants."

That's the ones!