Monday 9 May 2016

Well, I Look Forward To The Sequels…

Pupils were told the story of The Most Magnificent Mosque by Ann Jungman, in which a Muslim, Christian and Jew bond over the beauty of a local mosque.
You know, the sequels where Muslims, Christians and Jews bond over the beauty of a local church, or synagogue.

There will be some, won’t there?
Religious educators have been spreading a message of interfaith respect through Newham primary schools. Religious Education Matters invited year five primary pupils from across the borough to a workshop at Brampton Primary School in East Ham.
A workshop? How sophisticated!
The pupils were also encouraged to question, and voted on the most important question from a list to decide which was the most profound. Pupils believed the question of whether a team is still a team if somebody breaks away was the most vital of all.
I don’t know if that’s a dig at apostasy, or the kids didn’t really understand the question and thought it related to football transfers!


Antisthenes said...

A religion intent on world domination a goal that it has had from it's inception builds beautiful places in which to worship. Isn't that nice. The same religion that destroys beautiful buildings or at least ones with historical significance. Especially ones that have religious connotations that is not of their belief. Has homophobia, misogynism and racism as core beliefs. Do we teach our children about that? No we say they build beautiful building so it must be a religion we should respect.

In fact anyone who teaches that any religion should be respected is deluded and deluding our children in the process. Few religions if any pass scrutiny when it comes to finding barbarity and intolerance as part of it's creed. A pox on all religious houses I say. Sure some of them are trying to put those aspects behind them but Islam is definitely not one of them.

stengle said...

Schoolkids were invited?

You mean, primary schoolkids have choices about these things? Wow, I'd like to see the attendance figures after the invites were sent out.

Anonymous said...

I hear beheadings are also a popular group activity.

Fahrenheit211 said...

This is yet another appalling example of pro-Islam propaganda. Like the host of this place, I also am wondering if there will be a few sequels such as 'my beautiful synagogue or church or gurudwawa etc. However I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for this. With Islam, as many of the long suffering residents of Newham have been finding out over a number of years, tolerance is only a one way street. Islam has been so effective in doing its bit for tolerance and diversity that there are now only about 17%^ of Newham's population who describe themselves as 'white British'. Every other white Briton in the area seems to have either seen the writing on the wall and got out to somewhere less tainted and dominated by Islamic savagery, or are trapped there becasue they are old or vulnerable or have made the terribly bad life choice to stay in Newham.

Newham used to have a very active Jewish community. it was vibrant, educated, contributed to the economy of the area and supported various charities. Now, Newham is a place of horror for the few remaining Jews who have stayed. As I said once before over at my place, if you re Jewish and living in Newham, then body armour is probably a sensible purpose. This Jewish community, like the white British community was driven out by the rise of Islam. I would next expect that now that the muslims have managed to remove most of the Christians and nearly the entirety of the Jews, that it is the Sikhs and Hindus who get it in the neck next.

This is disgusting pandering and the teachers of all people should be more aware than they are, of what Islam is, and also what Islam is not. It angers me to see this outrageous lie, that Islam is a religion of peace, being promoted to children. To not teach a non-Muslim child that Islam is a threat is akin to telling a child that it's OK to get into a car with a strange man.

Newham is a horrible place and as I can see getting worse and worse, thanks to Islam and its Quislings, by the day.

Flaxen Saxon said...

You should only use the word 'workshop' if you work in light engineering.

Ed P said...

F211 hits the nail: "To not teach a (non-Muslim*) child that Islam is a threat is akin..."
But, * Children are not Muslim, Christian or anything else. Their parent(s) inflict these labels and the associated awful restrictions on thought & behaviour, usually drummed-in with threats of physical pain. To me, this "religious education" is child abuse. Stop all the sick, brutal repression and let them decide for themselves when they're old enough to understand and rationalise.

JuliaM said...

"The same religion that destroys beautiful buildings or at least ones with historical significance."

And the world thinks that it's OK, because we can rebuild them in plastic... :/

"You mean, primary schoolkids have choices about these things?"

Their parents would be judged 'racist' if they declined.

"Newham used to have a very active Jewish community."

So did Ilford. And Westcliff.

"You should only use the word 'workshop' if you work in light engineering."

Good point!

"To me, this "religious education" is child abuse."

Also a good point.