Saturday 21 May 2016

The Open Borders Advocates Are Getting Shriller...

Baroness Sally Hamwee (Lib Dem peer) froths and fulminates:
Some years ago I remarked to a colleague how distasteful it was for parliamentarians to talk as if the atlas was still almost all coloured pink, as it was when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Though my colleague is by instinct far more rebellious than I am, he advised me that to say this in the Lords would not go down well.
Your colleague is a bit brighter than you then, clearly.
During the debates around the current immigration bill the term “pull factor” has been used time and again. The Home Office has been explicit about its wish to create “a hostile environment” for immigrants – the most vivid example being the “go home” vans that it sent out on the streets of London until the Liberal Democrats put a stop to it during the coalition government.
And the public responded by throwing you out on your ear...
The decisions that refugees are forced to confront must be agonising. To characterise the decision-making process as an assessment of pull factors is a theory largely divorced from reality, and amounts to a dismissal of the thousands of Britons who have offered homes to unaccompanied child refugees.
What about the millions that didn't offer, Baroness?

For that matter, how many have you taken in?

What's that? None?

I'm shocked...


Ed P said...

How about a "Push Factor"? Push the unwelcome luxury-seekers, sorry, refugees, back the way they came.
I can't stand bleeding-heart liberals like Baroness Pig-piss - they never have solid economic plans costed for their "off the top of the head" ideas for spending our money.

Andy said...

It's ok for "them" to tell us to bugger off (Rhodesia, India - endless list). Us milksops are a special case, we've got to be the third world's dole office. If you can get here, you're made for life.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Unaccompanied child refugees?

Unaccompanied for how long?

JuliaM said...

"...they never have solid economic plans costed for their "off the top of the head" ideas for spending our money."

Details, details.... those are for the little people to sort out.

"...we've got to be the third world's dole office. "

We can't even get our own citizens to stop suckling at that teat!

"Unaccompanied for how long?"

Until their 20 brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews show up.