Thursday 12 May 2016

Art! Is There Nothing It Cannot Do?

More than 50 people viewed photos and artwork contributed by Hackney-ites, short films about the borough and its spaces and invited to add to a graffiti piece called What is Hackney to you?.*
The 'artwork' can be seen at the link. Sadly, it can't be unseen... *shudders*
“I wanted to do this simply because I know people from outside Hackney, and their views can be quite negative about our community,” said 18-year-old Josephine Okunbolade. “Some are even too scared to visit based on things they have heard, so I wanted to participate to educate people and show that Hackney is beautiful. This is why our hashtag is #DontTurnABlindEye”.

Not to be outdone, others are even more ambitious:


I just...

*H/T: wiggia via email


Nice Mr Pierrepoint said...

Hackney's problems are being alleviated - mainly by the continuing influx of white hipsters and Guardianista media types. These people are deeply irritating. Their tousle-haired offspring, who do things like call their parents by their first names, are nonetheless unlikely to mug you or run around stabbing each other.

Anonymous said...

The hipster cafes and restaurants are also an improvement, all filled with grauniadstasi enjoying the "authenticity".

stengle said...

Artists want to solve housing problems.

Then stop drawing and take up bricklaying instead.

Simples, hey?

Greencoat said...

I’m afraid that the first photograph confirms, underlines and totally endorses my negative preconceptions about Hackney.

JuliaM said...

"...nonetheless unlikely to mug you or run around stabbing each other."

Which is why they call it 'gentrification'!

"Then stop drawing and take up bricklaying instead."

Too much like manual work!

" negative preconceptions about Hackney."

Saves time!