Monday 2 May 2016

That Law Of Unintended Consequences (Part 45689087)…

Mr Glanville, 60, from Billericay, was arrested in connection with the murder probe along with a 54-year-old man from Basildon after the death in July 2015 and had been due to answer police bail in May.
Essex Police announced yesterday that the men will face no further action and an inquest into Mr Gallagher's death is due to take place.
It took a year. A whole year!

That’s a stunning new level of utter incompetence and slothfulness even by Essex Police standards, isn’t it?
His widow, Linda, said she had been left "devastated" by his death and has requested the case be looked at again, according to a national newspaper.
The Crown Prosecution Service said: "We have had an application from a family member under the victim's right of review for the decision to be looked at again and we will be doing so."
How is it that someone who breaks into your house and sets about you and your possessions can now be considered a ‘victim’ if you kill him in self defence?


Curmudgeon said...

Governments keep saying they'll stand up for victims, but this kind of thing still keeps happening.

Unless there's evidence of grossly disproportionate force used in a premeditated way, then no charges should even be considered.

Ted Treen said...

Grossly disproportionate force?

If you discover a miscreant in your home who is threatening your property and your safety, it is (or should be) your right to remove or neutralise the threat as soon and as definitely as possible.

Nuclear weapons might be unwise, but how can you describe ANYTHING as disproportionate?

Fahrenheit211 said...

When it comes to protecting my wife and child, for me few forms of defence woulc be 'disproportionate'

Curmudgeon said...

By disproportionate I mean things like imprisoning an intruder in the cellar and then deliberately torturing them.

JuliaM said...

"Governments keep saying they'll stand up for victims..."

They say lots of things.

"... but how can you describe ANYTHING as disproportionate?"

I wonder if it had been his wife and her nanny or cook, would the cops have reacted like this?

"...things like imprisoning an intruder in the cellar and then deliberately torturing them"

*crosses cellar off list of desirable options for house move*