Thursday, 11 May 2017

"I believe that children are our future..."

"...teach them well and let them lead the way..."
Islanders have all expressed their upset at the news on the vandalism, which is the latest in a recent spate.
Plants have been taken from the plant pots along the seafront recently and, further up the beach at Concord Beach, bins have been set on fire.
Another bench at Thorney Bay was also ruined after a woman accidentally put a barbecue on the top of it and melted it.
Nor is Canvey Island the only place to suffer the little children:
Brighton and Hove Buses told Patcham High School they were considering removing the 74 and 75 bus service used by hundreds of students after bus drivers, members of the public and students made reports of anti-social behaviour and so much rubbish was left on one bus it had to be taken back to the depot.
Nor is it just a Southern phenomenon:
Councillor Angela Tait (Royds, Labour) who is a member of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, condemned the attack which took place in her ward.
She said: “It is absolutely terrible and abhorrent when our firefighters get attacked by anyone. “There seems to be a high number of attacks in Bradford, such as people throwing stones at crews, and the service does a lot of outreach work with the community to try to stop this.”
Cllr Tait said she has “no idea” why people attack firefighters while they are carrying out their work.
“I guess they find it entertaining,” she continued, “I’ve no idea why they do it, it is just wrong and not acceptable at all.
“Firefighters should be seen as heroes by young people in the community, not targets for attacks.”
If this is the future, I don't want it.


Antisthenes said...

It appears nature's experiment of putting walking and talking mammals with higher than any other living species cognitive reasoning on this planet was a blunder of cosmic proportions. No doubt nature relied on the evolutionary process to shape us into being either a worthy addition to the planet or if not ensure we died out. We have proved that we are not the former but probably in the end we will not escape the latter only use our cognitive powers to delay it a bit.

Andy said...

We are now harvesting the fruits of fifty years of progressive policies in education. A lack of discipline in schools, combined with the deliberate destruction of the traditional family, has changed this world beyond recognition. Fifty years to break it, a century of more to mend it. Who is brave enough to try?

Northish said...

A friend of mine from University was on a bus in Leeds in the Nineties, when members of a protected group started throwing cola at each other from cans. The Busdriver asked them to stop, and was ingnored. For his trouble he was punched on the side of his head as they got off. Seems like things haven't improved much.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Enrichment! Bless.

JuliaM said...

"We are now harvesting the fruits of fifty years of progressive policies in education. "

And even worse, it shows no sign of slowing down.

" For his trouble he was punched on the side of his head as they got off."

Which is why buses now have CCTV. How far we've come... :(

"Enrichment! Bless."

The future is looking more and more like 'Escape From New York'.