Monday, 22 May 2017

I Know The Sort Of 'Help' These People Need...

Simmonite, 40, was found to have failed to control his dog, a black lurcher named Stan, and allowed it to maul the cat. The incident took place on around midnight on December 6 last year in Steamer Street, Barrow.
Witness Geoff Hoyland told Furness Magistrates' Court: "I was in bed when I heard the disturbances and it was a dog and cat fighting outside.
"I saw a man with a hood up covering his face holding onto the dog talking to it. I heard him say 'taste' before he let go and the dog chased the cat up the stairs.
"He was standing by the side of them not interfering. I have a dog of my own and I would have been on it like lightning.
"I shouted for him to get his dog under control but he just stepped back into the shadows so I couldn't see him." Kayleigh Turner also witnessed the attack and later tried to alert the cat's owner by posting on Facebook.
 Filth who should be destroyed along with his animal.
Simmonite denied being behind the attack, saying it was a case of mistaken identity.
Sure, that's believable.
Simmonite was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. He will be sentenced on May 23.
Let's hope the judge throws the book at him. And doesn't miss, like all the other times he's appeared in court.
A crook with an ‘appalling record’ for dishonesty tried to con a 78-year-old cancer sufferer out of £200, a court heard. Drug addict Samuel Simmonite, 36, had claimed the vulnerable victim owed the cash for scaffolding used in repairs allegedly carried out on the pensioner’s home in Nelson by two other men.
Lurcher, animal cruelty, preying on pensioners with building scams...? Hmmm. I detect a certain 'type' here...
The hearing was told Simmonite had a record of 90 offences, mainly for dishonesty and had served time in the past. Mark Stuart, for Simmonite, said he had no previous convictions of a similar nature.
He had a long-standing drug problem, but had been going to Inspire. Sentencing, Judge Andrew Woolman told the defendant the victim was vulnerable. He said: “They are mean offences.
Only to be expected from members of his 'community'.
The judge, who said Simmonite had an “appalling record” for dishonesty, said he would give him one final chance. He continued: “It may be you may be more willing to accept help than on previous occasions.”
That 'one final chance' cost a lady her pet. Don't make the same mistake again, justice system.


Northish said...

Court speak translation.

Never been arrested = done it loads of times but covers their tracks well.

Never been charged = been arrested many times but cops can't get enough evidence.

Never been convicted = has been charged frequently, but gets off by various legal/illegal means.

Never been convicted of a similar offence = has an extensive criminal record of other types of serious crime, but this one is slightly different in some minor detail.

Appalling record = everyone knows that you are vermin, but I am not going to rock the boat and do something to stop you.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Simmonite was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. XX

GOOD so, but since WHEN have cats been protected animals?

"Pig, dog, sheep, mule, horse, ass cow." It was last I looked... At least for the RTA's.

JuliaM said...

"Court speak translation."

It's like that 'Estate Agent Translation Guide'!

"GOOD so, but since WHEN have cats been protected animals?"

The last animal welfare bill the RSPCA got through Parliament. Didn't change their status with regard to RTAs though.