Saturday, 6 May 2017

Promise, Or Threat..?

Borough councillors will be urged to give the green light to releasing £70,000 from reserves and consider spending a further £200,000 later to support initiatives.
But...but the terrible cuts!
The report to the management committee next week says: “The projects represent an ambitious arts programme for the borough and are designed to reflect the aspirations of the management committee to support both high quality public art (for the benefit of both residents and visitors) and community-based creativity.”
It adds: “A key driver for investment in arts projects, particularly public art and the creative improvement of public realm, is the ability of high quality installations and designs to help ‘redefine’ public perception of a community.
“By allocating resources to improving the public realm, the council can help to increase the attractiveness of an area and set the tone for the quality of new development.”
To which I can only reply: "PARKLIFE!"


The Jannie said...

Don't you mean "PONDLIFE"?

John M said...

Weymouth is already a shit hole without adding shit art to the problem...

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

If that's high quality then I'd hate to think what they consider to be budget art. To be honest I've seen better accidental "art" in a scrap yard.

JuliaM said...

"Don't you mean "PONDLIFE"?"


"To be honest I've seen better accidental "art" in a scrap yard."

Me too, gravity has more talent.