Saturday, 6 May 2017

"Sure, What Could Go Wrong?"

It probably seemed like a good way to stimulate pupils’ creative juices.
Yes, these people probably thought so too, at first...
Pupils were not told that Wednesday’s raid was a stunt, but perhaps giving a clue that they had not really been targeted by hardened criminals, among the ‘loot’ was a teacher’s packed lunch and Easter egg.
You've clearly not though this through, then.

Nor reckoned with the fact that you've been busy inculcating Generation Snowflake for so long, there's now certain expectations.
Valerie Morris, 50, whose son Ben, nine, attends the school, said: ‘Ben was really quite upset by it. The first I heard about it was when we got home and he told me the school was broken into while they were in the hall.
‘He said the classroom had been trashed and they had taken the iPads. My first thought was, “How did they get in?” The doors and gates are locked when the kids are in school.’
She claimed that pupils who had experienced burglaries at home could have been traumatised by what happened at school. ‘It would bring back all those emotions of when you’re a victim of a crime,’ she added.
Well, quite! A movement started by the US has made it over here. As always.
According to the school, parents were informed about the exercise later that day via a mobile phone app – but Mrs Morris did not receive the message and said she had previously complained that the system did not work.
School staff being great at technology...
Louise Graham, 39, said: ‘When my daughter Amelia came out of school she said it had been broken into. She is very sensitive about this kind of thing.
‘She’d been holding in the tears at school because she hates crying in front of people, but when she told me, she started crying.’
The woman in the hotseat is shocked that the parents of her charges could disagree:
Headmistress Kath Higson said: ‘This is a complete storm in a teacup and has been needlessly overblown.
‘We frequently hold events to stimulate children’s creativity in writing, such as inviting in a “real” pirate to talk about their adventures on the high seas.
Eh..? Blimey!
‘At no time did we alarm or cause distress to the children, who thoroughly enjoyed the event and are writing a range of great “newspaper reports” about it. The vast majority of parents are totally supportive of the school.’
Suck it up, love! You've coddled the little darlings for so long, they've come to expect it. This is a problem entirely of your own making.

Now, where's the popcorn?

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