Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My Pulse Is Already Irregular And I'm Nauseous...

Louis said 'Huntsman spiders can give a nasty bite so they were lucky they didn't get hurt.'
A bite from one of these spiders won't kill a human, however, it can cause nausea, an irregular pulse rate and can get infected.
...and that's just from the thought of these things getting established over here!


Andy said...

It's Warble Gloaming innitt.

Pcar said...


You're large, spider is small - you win.

Stamp on it, flatten it with hand, grab it in cupped hand and crush (skin on palm & fingers should be spider bite resistant)

Libertarian said...

I was bitten by one of these​ things when I put my hand into an empty beer carton. Not really painful; I just felt a little prick.

JuliaM said...

"It's Warble Gloaming innitt."

I think I'd prefer polar bears!

"Stamp on it..."

Can't! Had it drilled into me to 'let a spider run alive'. The cats, however, never heard this... ;)

"Not really painful; I just felt a little prick."