Monday, 1 May 2017


Cyclists could be banned from Oxford Street when it is pedestrianised, London’s walking and cycling tsar has revealed.
*sharp intake of breath*
“In Oxford Street in the morning peak there are about 200 cyclists per hour. In Wigmore Street, slightly to the north, there are about the same number per hour, and again on New Cavendish Street and George Street.
"As a combination, they begin to add up, so it’s very important we do look at the cycling facilities in that area as part of that scheme.
“Whether they go down Oxford Street or alternative routes, that is why we do need to do a consultation and understand what the needs are of local residents and other stakeholders.
And not the two wheeled Lycra hordes!
Caroline Pidgeon, Lib-Dem chairwoman of the London Assembly transport committee, said: “On this issue I think Will Norman is taking the right approach.
"Improving pedestrianisation of Oxford Street must definitely include proposals to improve cycling provision in the area, however the case for allowing cyclists on a pedestrianised Oxford Street itself does pose some challenges.
"It should be looked at, but it might just not be possible to deliver and neighbouring streets may be a better alternative.
I bet that goes down like a lead balloon!
“The number one priority must be to meet the needs of pedestrians of all ages, who must be able to walk down Oxford Street in comfort and safety.
Hurrah! At last, the needs of those who want to walk in safety without dodging MAMILs is considered!


Anonymous said...

The roads have been specifically made for the 12.50 inch wide, Humvee tyre. Some of those lycra-wearing Nazis are now sporting pitch-tearing, 4mm tyres, which prejudice the consecrated tarmac. These infidels must be flogged until they can appreciate that the Holy Asphalt was specifically laid for the blessed 4 x very dare they?

DAD said...

200/hour = just over 3/minute, Should be no problem.

Anonymous said...

Is this plague of terrifying and inconsiderate cyclists a Southern thing then? I only ask because Oop North we don't seem to have a problem. I cycle on paths that are shared by cyclists and pedestrians. These are populated by runners, dog walkers, serious cyclists, slow cyclists and the occasional mobility scooter and we all seem to get along just fine.


MTG said...

@ Stonyground. Sitting in the Stretford end of Old Trafford, chanting "I am a Busby Boy" can agitate those around you almost as much your suggestion on this blog that there are locations oop North where a sense of harmony prevails 'twixt cyclist and SUV driver.

stengle said...

"As a combination, they begin to add up"

Numbers tend to do that. It's called addition. An astonishing revelation to some, but true.

Anonymous said...

I was talking more about the areas where motor vehicles aren't allowed but I don't get too many bad experiences on the roads either to be honest. I suppose it maybe helps that I have experience of cycling, motorcycling and driving four wheeled motor vehicles of every size between a Mini* and a seven and a half ton truck. Maybe It's just me, but I think that if you drive or cycle like a knobhead then you shouldn't be surprised when other road users become aggressive. That being said, I tend to cut people an enormous amount of slack, let he who is without driving error cast the first profanity. Anyone who never made a mistake never made anything.

*Genuine old school Mini.


Anonymous said...

The things we got up to in the 60's mini, Stonyground. Where did we get all that energy?

Anonymous said...

Why do some people become utter wibbling snowflakes when confronted with cyclists? I await the 'they don't have to pass a test, have insurance etc' arguments to arrive. Of course there are inconsiderate cyclists, there are inconsiderate drivers and motorcyclists as well. I'm with Stonyground, drive, cycle or ride like a dick and don't be surprised when you get treated like one.
I don't know if you've been to Holland recently? There is an absolutely superb infrastructure in place for cycling - separate cycle paths, large bike parks at transport hubs and people manage to cycle through pedestrianised areas without causing friction or bodily harm. It helps that virtually everyone cycles and cycling is a normal, everyday activity and not something to define your personality. Just as I believe the militant cyclists should get over themselves, and I speak as someone who was a cycle commuter for several years so too should the Mr Toad types. It's funny how some people believe that once you get into a car you become a 'motorist' and beyond criticism, much in the way some people believe cyclists are beyond criticism.

JuliaM said...

"The roads have been specifically made for the 12.50 inch wide, Humvee tyre."

Ah, if only I had one... :(

"200/hour = just over 3/minute, Should be no problem."

What's the change at least 1 out of three is an idiot?

"...and we all seem to get along just fine."

It's a Southern thing ;)

"Anyone who never made a mistake never made anything."

Very true! Perhaps it's the insistence of some cyclists that they never, ever make one that riles people?

" I await the 'they don't have to pass a test, have insurance etc' arguments to arrive. "

Well, why shouldn't that be a factor?