Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Operation 'Nuffin' To Do Wiv Islam!' Rumbles On....

In our job, we have to figure out the most likely scenario. I thought it was probably a terrorist attack, with the perpetrator likely to be identified as a Muslim. It is not simply a misinterpretation of Islam but exactly the opposite of what our religion teaches. There is nothing in Islam that endorses such actions. Islam sanctifies human life.
Tell that to the Didsbury mosque congregation, chum.
Unfortunately, the Muslim community as a whole has to deal with the consequences.
The 'consequences' being what, exactly? The UK police farce being more obsequious and pandering than normal for a while? The MSM running sickening congratulatory articles?
I’m from Egypt but trained in Britain. At least six of the other surgical consultants at the children’s hospital are also Muslims, plus many other doctors and nurses. Manchester has great ethnic diversity so the hospital staff reflects that.
 It does now, but what about the long term?
You could sense from the families and talking to them that this is not part of their thinking. They understand that this attack does not represent the Muslim community.
Really? Why can no one in the MSM tell me just exactly what Georgina Callender's grieving family think the UK government should 'open their eyes' about, then?


Pcar said...

USA sees this on TV News - the truth


UK only sees candles, flowers, appeasement by May, BBC, C4 etc

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Rather than direct link to video, which may also be gone:


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"Rather than direct link to video, which may also be gone..."

It's still there! Powerful piece.