Monday, 15 May 2017

I Can Find The Words Quite Easily...

He told The Sun Online: “My main upset is that the police haven’t spoken to me about it.
“I was worried the dog might get out and hurt a child – we live near a school.
“You feel so utterly helpless.
I don’t have words to describe how upset and angry I am with the police because of their complete lack of care.”
...but since this is a family blog, I'm completely unable to use them.
A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: “We were called at 12.49 on Thursday 11 May about a report of a dog that had killed a man’s cat and also bitten him on his hand in Iris Road, Southampton.
“It was reported that someone caring for the dog got the dog under control after the incident.
“The man was advised to seek medical advice regarding the injury to his hand and contact the dog warden with regards to the dog attacking his cat.
“The investigation into the dog biting the man is ongoing.”
It's must be really hard for you to track the owner down. You know, the injured party's neighbour. But then, that seems par for the course with Hampshire Police.

'Sun' commenters show more intelligence than cops. What a time to be alive...


MTG said...

A pretty useless bunch who now have the effrontery to demand the public 'solve crimes for themselves'. Should you ever be inclined to see these uniformed clowns in action, Julia, try exceeding the speed limit...even momentarily by as much as 1 mph. The likes of WPC Jaded will take a reluctant break from snacking, to waddle out of a concealed roadside hideout and make demands (with menaces) for a £150 'Speed Awareness Course'.

The ineffective and profligate Mr Plod should be collectively denied all forms of public consent and financial support. What good are these morons?

JuliaM said...

"What good are these morons?"

I suppose they are just better than anarchy. But only just...