Wednesday 15 November 2017

"No, No, Tarquin, 'Acid Attack' Is Too Harsh A Phrase..."

"...oh, yes, that's much better!"

Any news on the types of people who do these sorts of things?
A 16 year-old boy from Romford and a 17 year-old boy from Dagenham have been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and are currently in custody.
Ah, yes. Of course. 'Boys'.
Inspector Rob Brettell said: “I understand this incident may have caused concern but we believe it was a targeted and isolated incident and there is no risk to the wider public.”
No risk from thugs spraying corrosive liquid around in a public place, hmmm..?


DJ said...

And there you have it: modern policing in a nutshell. Spraying round acid in a crowded place? Just chill out you Mail reading squares! Spraying comments round on Twitter? Unleash the hounds!

Anonymous said...

These are examples of the "children" that the Guardian etc whine about when we taser or restrain them a bit robustly. Poor little dears.

MTG said...

Here's a useful tip, WC Jaded: read the topic before rushing to comment. And I am sure that many older 'children' represent far too high a reprisal risk for tasering. Keep to your Blind Man and White Stick Guidelines, dear.

An unknown liquid was used in the assault, JuliaM. The victims claimed to have suffered 'reddening and stinging' to their faces, but their injuries are not believed to be serious and are inconsistent with the usual 'Acid attack' consequences. In such circumstances it would be sensational to use your highly inappropriate description. The drenching could have been the result of schoolboy 'water bombs'...tap-filled balloons, or a piss poor attempt to be either a very mild acidic or very mild alkaline, drenching.

Anonymous said...

In any other context they would be "Young Men".

Anonymous said...

Here's some useful tips for you Melvin.
Lock your shed.
Don't stand for election.
Don't use Latin quotes as it makes you look smug and pompous.
Don't assume that I was the policeman that tasered the "blind man" as if i'm the only officer in the country. Or i'm responsible for every wrongdoing by police.
PS I never mentioned acid in my comment. Doing the usual leftie thing and misquote and lie until you believe it yourself.

Pcar said...

"An unknown liquid was used in the assault, JuliaM. The victims claimed to have suffered 'reddening and stinging' to their faces"

Tea Tree Oil? Meths? Dettol?

@JuliaM, avoid jumping on outrage bus.

@Jaded, sooner you all refuse to implement PC dogma and ignore PC laws (eg hate crime)* sooner you will be able to begin rebuilding trust & respect from public.

* You have for decades largely ignored illegal drugs laws, thus you can ignore above & others which make you "criminals in uniform" in the eyes of middle class majority

Anonymous said...

I love it when someone posts on here speaking "for the majority ". Have you spoken to them all? Conducted a referendum?

Anonymous said...

Tace, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

Basically, it all boils down to "Who gives a shit what MTG thinks?"
One can only hope his thesaurus combusts, then he'd be quiet, and we'd all shout, "And they say there isn't a God."

MTG said...

Regular readers of the blog will be somewhat familiar with WC Jaded's character. Over several years, she has unwittingly provided a very intimate peek into average plod mentality. An abysmal recruitment situation is evident if such 'wrong types' can be delegated with police authority. Some of Jaded's puerile views are downright scary; her posts are often crude attempts to intimidate posters, or resort to name calling and systematic smearing. Perhaps you have also noticed how she tries to control or misquote fellow posters in her every written encounter. Such personalities should be weeded out in probationary employment periods and thereafter, recruits should be vigorously policed and held accountable, themselves.

Anyone who has studied Jaded's personality may share my main concern, that immature and poorly educated individuals are often at liberty to deploy an array of sophisticated weapons without a fixed body camera and microphone, to automatically record all interactions with the public. Devices that can't be turned off, erased or manipulated. WC Jaded is a poster for what is wrong with police in the UK. Her authority to enforce laws has gone to her head and transformed itself into some kind of superiority complex, one where people suddenly have no right to challenge her when she behaves inappropriately.

Jaded displays the ticking time bomb personality so prevalent in UK law enforcement. The job attracts bullies and sociopaths who love to intimidate and push folk around, simply because they can. When they get out of the wrong side of bed, or if somebody challenges them, these personalities can lose control with disastrous consequences.

Anonymous said...

Melvin seems to be getting extra internet privileges from Nursey. He must have behaved himself in the looney bin today.
It is quite hilarious that a person such as him besmirches my character. He is a self-proclaimed expert on policing (and everything else) but fails to explain what his involvement in law enforcement. Repeated questions as to his alleged Doctorate are never answered. I could go on but "regular readers" of this blog are also familiar with his sneering superior attitude towards any poster that doesn't use absolutely perfect English.
A complete fool.

JuliaM said...

"And there you have it: modern policing in a nutshell."

It's depressing because it's true.

"These are examples of the "children" that the Guardian etc whine about when we taser or restrain them a bit robustly. "

Far as I'm concerned, you can hold the trigger down until it's completely discharged. Then I'll lend you an extension cord, to make sure...

"The drenching could have been the result of schoolboy 'water bombs'...tap-filled balloons..."

So? In these times, that's terrorism, is it not? And aren't they a little old (physically) for schoolboy 'pranks'?

"In any other context they would be "Young Men"."


MTG said...

"So? In these times, that's terrorism, is it not?"

Who is to say that your addiction to feeling threatened is not a prudent affliction, JuliaM?