Thursday 9 November 2017

OK, What Am I Missing Here?

Sentencing Dixon the judge said "This was a completely unprovoked attack on the streets of Cheltenham. You took part in a sustained and repeated assault. You joined in the initial attack.
"I accept that you did not use the boot, but you were there to support your friends, and when a member of the public tried to stop a vicious attack, you attacked him.
"There were nasty injuries to the victim. In my judgement it is so serious only prison is justified. You have a bad record for someone aged 26."
Wow, wonder how long he's going to give h...

"The only question is whether I can suspend the sentence. I am prepared to suspend the sentence, just.
"Don't get involved in violence again."
Dixon was ordered to pay £290 in court costs and surcharges. The judge chose not to order that Dixon pay compensation to Mr Mahovo, despite an application from the prosecution.
*beyond speechless*

I can see no reason for leniency in the sentence. Even less for denying the innocent victim compensation.

Perhaps that's why I'm not a judge?


Pcar said...

"Perhaps that's why I'm not a judge?"

I wish you were.

However, you're not sufficiently gullible and touchy-feely for our appeasement obsessed PC Gov't & Judiciary.

Ted Treen said...

My comment was going to be much the same as Pcar, so I will just commend his/her perspicacity.

JuliaM said...

"I wish you were."

I fear my blood pressure may not survive the change... ;)