Tuesday 21 November 2017

Obstinate, Or Just Thick...?

Lisa Lowder, 30, of Minerva Street in Bulwell, has not been able to get her six-year-old daughter into Springfield Primary School in Lawton Drive, Bulwell, which is outside of the catchment area in where she lives.
Isabelle has now been out of school for 10 months. She said: "I obviously don't want my child to be out of school, that is the last thing I want. But I am a single mum with four children. How am I meant to be in two places at once? It is just impossible."
It's entirely your own fault that you are 'forced to be in two places at once', love. No-one else's.
"When three of them got a place I didn't think it would be a problem and I don't want to have to take my child to a school ages away, I don't know how it would be possible.
"This is why I have been waiting for a place at the same school as my other children. I am not trying to cause problems, I just want what is best for them."
'What's best for them' would include a father. You didn't seem to bothered about that.

Nor about compromise to ensure this situation doesn't drag on.
Alison Michalska, corporate director for children and adults at Nottingham City Council, said: “Ms Lowder decided to remove her four children from school in the middle of an academic year without making arrangements for where they would go next.
"Having moved house, she then applied to a non-catchment school and we were able to find places for three, but unfortunately the year group for her daughter Isabelle is full. She remains on the waiting list there at her mum’s request, but this is controlled by the school as an academy.
“We have urged Ms Lowder to work with us by making the full six preferences on her application form and to ensure that a catchment school is included. However on the two occasions she has applied, Ms Lowder has only selected the same out-of-catchment school for Isabelle."
So what is it, is she hopelessly thick? Or foes she just believe, as all these women seem to believe, that if she stubbornly refuses to change, everyone else will change to accommodate her desires?

Just imagine what the children will grow up into, with this example for a mother?


Anonymous said...

I'd rather not imagine. Poor Isabelle, for one, is going to have a hard time catching up when she finally does get a school place.

Pcar said...

“Ms Lowder decided to remove her four children from school in the middle of an academic year without making arrangements for where they would go next..."

Sympathy for Ms Lowder - Zero

Let's look at article for any "why I should care"

Oh, a tattooed chav, sympathy still zero

That hero of the LeftLibSJW mob Pres. Bill Clinton introduced 5 year contraceptive implants for feckless, why have UK not done same?

PS: Julia, lost your tiny violin?

JuliaM said...

"PS: Julia, lost your tiny violin?"

It got so tiny, I couldn't find it!