Monday 6 November 2017

Without The Welfare State, We May Not Have People Like This...

The judge said he accepted the defendant did not intend to kill or seriously harm Carter, but he noted she had a lengthy criminal record with 65 convictions including for violent offences.
“The reality is that, though what you did was not unprovoked, it was completely unnecessary and it was aggressive,” he said.
The court heard that Brown-Wellington had a personality disorder which resulted in acts of “impulsive violence”.
But she can wander the streets unconcerned, of course. And somehow afford the drink & drugs that puts her in an agressive mood.
A judge at Manchester Crown Court said she presented a ‘real risk to other people’ as it was revealed she has been convicted of 17 violent offences over the past 20 years.
She's 31...

And on the very same day, this appears:

Thanks for ensuring that creatures like Brown-Wellington aren't starving, Welfare State.

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