Tuesday 28 November 2017

She Certainly Sounds Like One To Me...

A man in his 20s was attacked in Twyford when a female dog walker, who identified herself as an officer, barged past him.
She later approached him and told him he was under arrest before punching him several times in the head.
So unlike a modern day policewoman!
Police say it is "not clear" whether the woman is an actual officer.
Hmmm, rude, aggressive.... It's hard to say. Does she like having her authority challenged?
The woman said she had "warned" the man about his dog on a previous occasion before the attack on 10 October, police said.
Officers added the man was assaulted after asking to see her identification.
That clinches it!


Pcar said...

Reliable sources have stated the perpetrator of this heinous attack is well known to the police as WPC Jaded.

Police refused to comment on this allegation, but appealed for any witnesses or those with information to attend their pop-up interview room at the top of The Monument, City of London.

jack ketch said...

If she'd 'misused' an arrest technique (arm lock then smash his face into the nearest handy brickwall type thing) then it would be more likely she is a police officer but punching someone in the head?! Infact the whole story sounds dodgy, and I would guess at most she is a former officer who was kicked off the force before the end of her probationary period.

Also we shoudl consider we only have the man's who got beaten up by a woman side of things. The male ego is a fragile and delicate flower. Impersonating a Police Officer is a serious offence, far more so than ABH or Common Assault...perhaps the guy is claiming she said that in the hope getting her locked up?

Anonymous said...

'Impersonating a police officer is a serious offence, far more so than ABH or Common Assault.'
Stop, I'm laughing so much it hurts.

jack ketch said...

It isn't a serious offence (in the commission of a crime)? I seem to recall a judge saying otherwise. But I will of course bow to your knowledge of such matters.

JuliaM said...

"Infact the whole story sounds dodgy..."

Normal for the MSM, then..? ;)

"Stop, I'm laughing so much it hurts."


"It isn't a serious offence (in the commission of a crime)?"

Is anything, these days?