Thursday 30 November 2017

Quote Of The Month

HeadRambles on the gift that keeps on giving - Gordon Brown's incompetence:
"Now this idiot was a Prime Minister – a leader of his country – yet he doesn’t know the difference between tax avoiders and tax evaders? There are already penalties and prison sentences for tax evaders because tax evasion is generally illegal. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal as are most if not all the accounts mentioned in the so called Paradise Papers. He is implying that those mentioned in the papers were doing something illegal which they weren’t. If he is worried about tax avoiders then that’s because tax laws are incredibly complex and full of loopholes. Adding yet more laws is hardly going to change anything, and if anything will just make things worse."


PeeWee said...

To quote the esteemed Jeremy Clarkson:
"one-eyed Scottish idiot"
or was he not quite so polite?

Pcar said...

"one-eyed Scottish idiot" - the idiot who pork-barreled QE class carriers be built at Rosyth - no capable dry-dock or cranes. QE class design was compromised to ensure they had shallow draught and low height to sail under Forth Bridges.

One UK shipyard with no height or draught issues and two more than large enough dry docks & cranes already existed - rejected, not located in Scotland.

I loathe Blair & Brown for destroying UK's economy, education, population & culture.

JuliaM said...

"...or was he not quite so polite?"

I certainly wouldn't have been!

"I loathe Blair & Brown for destroying UK's economy, education, population & culture."

To be fair, they were pushing on an open door... :(