Saturday, 3 March 2018

Ah, I Think I See The Main Issue Here....

A mother was horrified to discover her six-year-old autistic son was being forced to wear a fluorescent yellow bib at school.
Joanne Logan, 42, claims she only found out her son Charlie was being made to wear a bib 'so teachers know he's autistic' when he told her about it.
Despite the school telling her this, which she claims to have forgotten.
Ms Logan, a mother-of-five, said she was 'fuming' and described the school's actions as 'disgusting' and 'discrimination'.
Really? How else are the school sup[posed to know who needs extra care?

What sort of extra care does he require, anyway?
She added: 'I knew during lunch break he's not always allowed out because he has been accused of hurting the other children, I know there's an issue there which the school have to work with me on.'
Ah. I think I see the problem now.
A range of colour-coded collars has been launched to let owners alert others to the temperament of their pets. Bright red means you should steer clear of an aggressive pooch...
It's clearly the wrong colour bib! 


Pcar said...

"Integration and inclusivity" fails again.

Ye Olde Special Skools were better

Maybe they could each have a dog too ;)

JuliaM said...