Saturday, 3 March 2018

Imagine Being This Dim...

...and being a landwhale as well!

This is (alleged) comedian Sophie Hagen railing against Cancer Research UK for pointing out the obvious. Because this isn't science, but 'fatshaming'.

Something that'll have to get a lot more prevalent, as DumbJon notes, in future....

And that distant thunder you can hear is not a herd of elephants rushing to a waterhole, but her followers agreeing with her as fast as their chubby little fingers can negotiate a keyboard.

Well, never let it be said that your hostess was stingy with her advice:

There. That should calm things down.

H/T: GeorgeSmiley via Twitter


jack ketch said...

Claws away, dear!

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Practical advice, and recycling as well, your good deed done for the day.

Libertarian said...

You are naughty, Julia! But I like you.

Anonymous said...

I thought fat people were meant to be jolly ?

Pcar said...

Jolly? Yep.

Bubbly is another euphemism often used.

I prefer FAT as a description.

Food: I would love to eat burgers, pizzas, Mars bars etc all day - I don't. Land whales chose to; actions have consequences.

Don't like being Fat Shamed? Stop overeating - your choice: overeat vs not shamed/insulted/ridiculed.


OT Potatoes

Jim March 2, 2018 at 11:02 pm

@Pcar: not my area of expertise, but I asked the question on the farming forum I’m on, and the general view is that its not a pest or disease, just what happens when a potato grows too fast, and a void forms inside. Impossible to grade out at the packing plant.

Jim said...

@Pcar: re potatoes:

Bucko said...

It isn't really science though, is it? It's just a sweeping statement based on junk studies.
These cretins have been bashing smokers for years; now it's the turn of the fat people. Maybe next week their target will be people who enjoy gin?

I was surprised about how many people had a pop at this girl because she spoke out against CRUK, the atruistic anti cancer angels who can do no wrong

I'm of the opinion that if they spend their donations on this rubbish, they deserve a bit of a lampooning

JuliaM said...

"...your good deed done for the day..."

What can I say? I'm a giver... ;)

"I thought fat people were meant to be jolly ?"

Well, they always were when I was growing up...

"OT Potatoes"

Well, well, well.... Grows too fast? I'd never have suspected that as a reason.

"It isn't really science though, is it? It's just a sweeping statement based on junk studies."

I know correlation isn't causation, but if there's a link (and quite a few scientists seem to think there is one) it'd be wrong to not mention it just for fear of upsetting people, surely?