Thursday, 22 March 2018

I Suspect The Clue Is In The Name...

Leif Bersweden, botanist and PhD student at Kew Gardens, told The Independent it was "arguably the most toxic plant native to Britain" and that anyone who ate it would suffer convulsions, seizures and "definitely" die within 24 hours.
"The roots have a lot more of the toxin, the stem has a lot, and the leaves slightly less," he said. "But if you just touch the leaves and then eat a sandwich, say, then you’re going to get really ill."
Has anyone told Putin...?


jack ketch said...

Interesting is also that that plant also gave us the word 'sardonic' after the death rictus/lock jaw 'smile' of the Sardinian OAPS euphemised using it. *cockney accent* "Not a lot of people know that"

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone told Putin...?"

You probably meant 'Has anyone told Porton Down...?'

Anonymous said...

Also, good name for a botanist.

JuliaM said...

"Interesting is also that that plant also gave us the word 'sardonic'..."

Good lord, I remember reading that very long ago, and I'd forgotten it until now!

"You probably meant 'Has anyone told Porton Down...?'"

Would I...? *innocent face*

"Also, good name for a botanist."

Heh! Good spot.