Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Not In Any Way, Shape Or Form 'A Family'...

Kerry Bowman, 31, was so busy looking after her two toddlers she did not realise her partner’s dog, Toby, had run out onto the street and bitten the child.
When police called her boyfriend, Paul Lyszkiewicz, who was not home, he replied: “I know what my dog’s done, my neighbour phoned me, I don’t care I’m not coming back.”
The court heard enquiries led officers to Bowman’s then address.
Mr Dillon said: “Mrs Bowman allowed them into the property. It is relevant to note that she had two young children, then aged two and one.
“She said the dog residing at the address belonged to her partner, Paul Lyszkiewicz, who was not present. She said the rear yard was not secure and the dog kept trashing it.”
It was full of rubbish and months worth - perhaps years worth - of dog feces. Is that the sort of environment you'd bring children to live?
Michelle Brown, defending, said her client had given birth to a premature baby which was in hospital at the time of the offence, while her oldest child had autism.
Of course. No need to gild the lily, love, the fact she's female is enough. Here comes the suspended sentence!
She said: “She has learned grave lessons from this offence and in no way, shape or form ever wishes to experience the criminal justice system again.”
She said her client was now pregnant with her fourth child, and the family had moved to an address in Ince.
She's really 'learned her lesson', hasn't she?


staybryte said...

Grim. Like something from Theodore Dalrymple.

JuliaM said...

"Grim. Like something from Theodore Dalrymple."

His tales used to be the exception.