Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Well, I Can Do The Maths, If No-One Else Can...

Carol Broadbent, 32, says her Incommunities house in Shirley Place, Wyke, is too small for her partner and three children to live in and is not specially adapted for her son, Logan Beaumont, five, who suffered a seizure in May 2016.
Miss Broadbent have (sic) called for the Council and Incommunities to move her family from their three-bedroom home which she says is too small for them.
Both organisations say they are working with the family.
She was forced to give up her job as a cleaner to look after Logan full-time. Logan shares a bedroom, which contains a hospital bed, with his brother Lucas, seven, while their sister Lexi, three, has a separate bedroom.
If it was 'too small for three children', one of which needs adaptations, why did you go on to have the third child?
She said: “We are really struggling. It is getting really, really difficult now. We definitely have to move.
“We have waited for something to happen for two years now. Logan is getting bigger and bigger, so he is harder for us to carry around. It is really hard.”
Rather than waiting (and breeding), why didn't you do something about it yourselves? Like get a better job?

And why can't the organisation find another property, since it's huge, and covers a lot of areas?
An Incommunities spokesperson said: “We fully appreciate the needs of the family to find a suitable adapted property locally and are working with the Council to endeavour to meet their needs.
“The family have stated they want to stay in the Wyke area. Unfortunately, although we have identified a number of family-sized properties to date, these have not been suitable for conversion to an adapted home to meet their long term housing needs. ”
*sympathy evaporates*


jack ketch said...

So turn the lounge into a downstairs bedroom for the poor little chap? That's what we did for Crippled Son- it was that or have him move into the servants chambre de bon or convert the stables.

Really some people have no idea of the sacrifices other parents on the dole have to make. For a time it looked like we might have to give up the double garage.

James Higham said...

Can’t stop this ole heart bleeding.

Anonymous said...

The article does not make it clear when the child became disabled. It justs mentions a rash and then seizures in 2016. This is after the birth of the daughter.

Playing Devils Advocate: The two boys could have been sharing a room (bunk beds) before the seizure and then his disability now means that he needs a specialist bed which there is now no room. Agree with jack about changing purpose of rooms though.

What plan they had once the youngsters become teenagers is open to debate ;-)

JuliaM said...

"For a time it looked like we might have to give up the double garage. "


"Playing Devils Advocate: The two boys could have been sharing a room..."

It's a game I like. But I know where I'd place my bets...