Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Exercises In Futility....

Dogs could be banned from Canvey seafront under proposals being considered by Castle Point Council.
Currently, dogs can go into certain areas of the beach during specific times so long as they are under the control of the owner and dog mess is cleared up. However, Castle Point Council is considering banning canines from the seafront during the summer months, due to growing concerns about the amount of dog mess left behind.
Colin Letchford, who regularly volunteers with Friends of Concord Beach to clean the area, said: “I enquired with the council on how many people had been fined for dog fouling and they said none. I don’t want to see more regulations for people to ignore.”
Oh, don't be silly Colin, of course they'll....

Parents who take their child out of school in Southend to go on holiday are not being fined, figures have revealed.
Essex County Council fined 3,165 parents in 2016/17 for taking their children on term-time holidays, up from 1,850 in 2015/16.
However, in comparison Southend Council issued no fines whatsoever last year and only 43 the year before.

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