Monday, 26 March 2018

It's True, You Really Do Have A Fool For A Client!

“It was a terrible accident, Sarah and I were on the drive and everything has been described perfectly,” said Rouse who was representing himself in the dock.
Oh dear! A recipe for disaster, as everyone will tell you...
“I am just very sorry that it happened. She is a friend of ours and it is the last thing we ever wanted to happen.
It is the fact that they rang the doorbell first, the dog thought obviously there was a problem.
“It has been awful and terrible for all of us.”
Mostly for the person who ended up savaged, admittedly.
Following his guilty plea, the magistrates passed a sentence of a £400 fine, £85 in court costs and a £40 victim surcharge. Rouse was also told to pay £500 in compensation to Ms Palmer.
Finally, a destruction order was implemented that will see the dog in question destroyed as the court couldn’t be satisfied the animal was not a danger to the public.
Thank goodness! Sense at last!

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