Monday, 19 March 2018

You Never Forget Your Schooldays...

Lisa French, aged 44, saw her Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Hungarian Vizsla cross clench its teeth on the woman’s left calf in the grounds of Lipson Co-operative Academy.
PE teacher Wendy Woodstock was forced to take time off work after surgery and was still on restricted duties three months later, Plymouth Crown Court heard.
Judge Ian Lawrie handed French a suspended prison sentence and decided not to have the dog, called Diesel, destroyed. But the defendant must pay the teacher almost £800 in compensation.
He added that the two-year-old animal was not dangerous.
Judge Lawrie said: “I do not see it posing any threat. This was an unpleasant incident, but the dog reacted in a way to a combination of circumstances.”
Those circumstances being...?
Emmi Wilson, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Ms Woodstock approached French as she walked three dogs and asked whether a nearby vehicle was hers.
She added that Diesel ran over and clenched its teeth around the teacher’s left calf.
Ah, I see. Someone approaching the owner. Well, how often might that happen...?
Ali Rafati, for French, said she and her mother were allowing the three dogs to run around a field. He added Ms Woodstock told them that they should not have the animals there.
The barrister said the teacher “waved her arms around”.
Mr Rafati added: “The dogs started running towards her and we have discovered that this lady has been attacked by a dog before.
"Understandably, when Diesel gets to her she tried to get him away by kicking out with her foot. It prompted Diesel to take a bite.”
That's the best bit of victim blaming I've ever seen! The comments are somewhat interesting too...

Blimey! Someone hated PE with a passion.

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