Friday, 30 March 2018

When Compo Culture Goes From Bad To Worse...

Two years on the from disaster (sic), McGrotty's 86-year-old father, Noel, said he has received a legal notice from Ms Knox explaining her intention to claim from McGrotty's estate.
Speaking from his home, Noel McGrotty said he was confused after being sent a private delivery and had to sign for it.
He added, according to Derry Now: 'It was a big envelope full of legal documents - hard for the ordinary man in the street to understand,' he said.
'Then I saw the name Knox and realised it was from the girl that took the baby when she was brought out of the water that day.'
But he said he was unsure why he was sent the documents because he is not the executor of his late son's estate.
Not unsure because who is so crass as to claim for this in the first place? But fear not! You see, it was all a misunderstanding!

She really meant to claim off the poor bloody taxpayer...
Ms Knox's sister Laura, however, said in a Facebook post she would 'never be as spiteful to claim off an 86-year-old man' and stressed that she thought she was suing Donegal County Council.

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