Friday, 9 March 2018

Humourless And Spineless...

...the former mosque chairman refused to stand up while he was in the witness box at Brighton Magistrates Court, telling magistrates “I don’t stand for anybody else other than god”.
His defence solicitor, Owen Greenhall, told the court: “It is a requirement of his faith not to stand unless for a religious matter.
“I would ask he be allowed to adopt the practice for the duration of proceedings, as he takes that requirement very seriously.”
 He's basically just sticking up two fingers, isn't he?
Chairman of magistrates Ian Wedge quipped back: “I’m not sure about that I think I will take advice on that when I come back.”
In order to be a 'quip, shouldn't it be, well, funny...?

Yup, thought so.
Magistrates later accepted the request allowing him to leave the dock before the magistrates retired to avoid any conflict with Deghayes' Muslim religion.
Yes, roll over, why not? What's the worst that could happen? They'd come to expect capitulation from our institutions?

As Farenheit211 points out, they've already got that.


Anonymous said...

A dark, bearded gentleman recently damaged my rear wing when he drove into the back of my car after he failed (or refused) to stop at a 'Give Way' sign. I await notification of any CPS proceedings the latter cowards may prefer against me for religiously aggravated obstruction.

Anonymous said...

If you know where it is...get someone at the library to explain, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

Both Deghayes and the solicitor are lying. There is no requirement in the Koran for Muslims to only stand for their sky fairy. The magistrates should have demanded either one of them to produce the passage in their book which states this. Unfortunately, no one in authority has the balls to use their, alleged, intelligence.
As a member of the Church of the Flying Spahetti Monster, a recognised religion, would I have been allowed to wear a colander on my head? I doubt it very much, but then I am a white, male, Englishman, and there are no rules to prevent people like me to be abused, humiliated, or insulted.
Now, wait for the trolls.

Ted Treen said...

So what happens when these miscreants say they accept no judgement but their god's? Do we say that's alright then?

Curse our craven establishment! A pox on them all and a plague on all their houses!

Barman said...

I thought the point of standing when ordered to do so was that you accepted the legitimacy of the court...?

Robert the Biker said...

So stick the pigfucker in jail for contempt of court, see how clever he is after a few days inside, repeat as necessary

JuliaM said...

"Both Deghayes and the solicitor are lying. "

*gasp* What are the odds...? ;)

"So stick the pigfucker in jail for contempt of court, see how clever he is after a few days inside..."

Oh, for an old-fashioned judge.

Justin said...

Give him a metal chair, hooked up to the mains. He can sit down as long as he likes then..

JuliaM said...