Friday, 25 January 2019

Ah, The 'Sheik Al Hilali Defence'....

In mitigation his defence barrister Jayne Wilkinson said that her client, who is homeless, was living in the St Clement's area of Oxford at the time and had a 'legitimate' reason for going inside the sports centre, but that the temptation to steal was too great.
She said: "It is where he can use the washing and the facilities. He is seen to walk in to the sports centre and responsible people have left their bags lying where seating area is.
"This is no criticism of those people but I am sure there are lockers available. Mr Lennon says he goes there and the temptation to pick up one of the bags was too great.
"Then he is back on November 27 and it is exactly the same."
Hmmm, seems like a familiar argument, somehow.
Urging the court to consider another non-custodial option Ms Wilkinson said: "It is right that Mr Lennon has a long history of drug use, it is right that he has a long history of associated offences of dishonesty.
"What is also right is that for the relatively recent past Mr Lennon has been dealt with by way of custodial sentences. When people go into custody for a relatively short period of time there is no therapeutic [programmes] at all.
"There is work that can be done, that the probation service were happy to do with Mr Lennon before these new offences."
Of course they are, it's repeat business keeping them in a job. The people whose belongings he steals? Well, they are only taxpayers...
Despite her pleas presiding magistrate Anne Pappenheim said that in light of the breach of the previous orders a jail term had to be imposed.
It won't do much good. But at least while he's off the streets, he's not stealing.

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