Saturday, 26 January 2019

"Stop Doing It, Or....I'll Tell You To Stop Doing It Again."

Keith Holloway of Worcester thrust his exposed genitals against the girl, filmed under the skirts of young women and offered a girl of eight an ice pop, telling her she was 'beautiful' and inviting her to use his new shower.
But the 65-year-old was not sent to jail by Judge Nicholas Cole at Worcester Crown Court because the most recent breach of his sexual harm prevention order was deemed too 'minor' and because his defence barrister argued that prison would be 'crushing'.
Wait, 'most recent'...?
It is the fourth time Holloway has breached the same order since it was imposed in September 15, 2017.
Holloway, who walked with a stick, lowered his head in the dock, covered his face with his hands and at one stage dabbed his eyes with a tissue.
Probably tears of mirth at how easy it is to pull the wool over everyone's eyes...
Jamie Scott, defending, said his client had provided medical evidence that he had been discharged from hospital after a fall, had heart palpitations, suffered from low potassium levels and was on 17 different forms of medication.
They seem to have missed out bromide. Obviously an oversight at the chemist...

The judge bases his decision on the grounds they are 'minor' breaches, something Fahrenheit211 rightly takes issue with. They show a clear pattern.
Judge Cole said Holloway had 'a history of disobedience to court orders' but this latest breach was 'minor' and that, because of the defendant's health issues, it would be 'unjust' to activate the suspended sentence.
It appears you know nothing of what constitutes 'injustice'. Hardly surprising.

H/T: ConstableChaos via Twitter


Bloke in Germany said...

And at some point he will do it to a girl whose father sees to it that "justice" is served. Of course, filling in for the state failing in its primary duty will be a severe aggravating, not mitigating factor, at that sentencing.

JuliaM said...

I hope that person knows a friendly pig farmer... ;)