Friday, 4 January 2019

MONA Alert!

The three men made threats during the robbery in broad daylight just metres from police officers and outside a shopping centre.
Distressed mum Karen Kappes has warned people to take care after her 15-year-old son was one of the victims.
'Men'. Note that. It appears frequently.
One of the men then decided he liked the look of one of the boy’s coats - so they stole that as well.
Strange thing for 'men' to steal, you may think?
“Luckily, one of my son’s friends managed to get away and run around the corner to raise the alarm.
“He managed to get the attention of a community policing team, who came charging around the corner and scared them away.”
Note: didn't catch them.
“I had a call from them saying they were taking care of him and they got him on a train to come home.”
On his own. After a violent robbery. And that's what she considers 'taking care'...?
The violent attack may have been committed by a drugs gang with members operating in south Essex including Southend.
The gangs come to the town to recruit child dealers, sell class A drugs and, it appears, rob children.
But there's no descriptions. I think that tells us more than if there were full colour mugshots.
The Echo contacted Essex Police to find out what was being done to find the gang following the incident at 3pm on Thursday.
Should be a short statement. Is the second word 'all'...?

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