Thursday, 10 January 2019

Imagine How Their Victims Feel, Councillor...

Travellers should not be housed near a rifle range because it may give them flashbacks of being shot at, councillors have argued.
...councillors said the group has faced years of hate and violence (Ed: Most likely from other travellers...) and that being exposed to the sound of gunfire could traumatise them.
Travellers being people who traumatise easily...
A highly charged council meeting heard chief executive Paul Wilson claim the family's occupancy was having an 'economic effect' on the town, due to taking up a much-needed parking space. Council officers also said there were also 'issues with ground conditions and confrontations with residents'.
In other word, acting as they always do in making themselves as welcome as Ebola.
Labour councillor Irene Ratcliffe said: 'I don't know how we can go ahead with putting them next to a rifle range, operating three days a week.
'I know we are desperate, but there is nothing worse for them than trying to sleep at night feeling scared.'
I imagine that's how the elderly victims of flytipping and unsolicited roofing offers feel, Irene...


Anonymous said...

Does the rifle range even operate at night?

Sgt Albert Hall said...

It’s more likely that the cheeky bastards have their eyes on somewhere better.

Anonymous said...

If they are allowed to camp near the rifle range, their site could be given a nice little welcoming name. "The Butts" springs to mind.

Andy said...

Does the rifle range have firearms stored on the premises? Not for long, I'll wager.

JuliaM said...

"Does the rifle range even operate at night?"

I very much doubt it. Why let logic enter this debate, though?

"It’s more likely that the cheeky bastards have their eyes on somewhere better."


""The Butts" springs to mind."


"Not for long, I'll wager."

A prudent owner wouldn't leave anything on the premises!