Thursday, 31 January 2019

Quote Of The Month

Mark Wadsworth lays into Sadiq Khan and the hapless Tory Housing Secretary:
“London is in the middle of a desperate housing crisis that has been generations in the making,” Khan said. “I am doing everything in my power to tackle it – including building record numbers of new social homes – but I have long been frustrated by my lack of powers to help private renters.”
That is a straight lie. New construction is even lower under Sadiq than under Johnson, and in such pitiful amounts that it can't possibly have any impact on anything.
The Tories could have scored a few open goals, but decide to make themselves look stupid by playing the Missing Homes Conundrum instead:
The housing secretary, James Brokenshire, has argued that the controls would lead to poorer housing standards with landlords unable to afford to maintain properties and could also have a dramatic effect on housing supply, with landlords choosing to sell up rather than have their rental income reduced.


Anonymous said...

Khan’s use of “middle” rather than “midst” reveals his intention of letting it continue for several generations, rather than attempt solutions.

JuliaM said...

Sadly correct...