Friday, 18 January 2019

It's Not Just Him Who 'Lacks Responsibility', Is It, Judge?

Ayling should not have even been on the road as he had been banned from driving after racking up 12 penalty points, and had not reapplied for his licence.
He had previously been convicted of driving while disqualified in 1998, 2008, 2009 and 2012.
And the inevitable happened, sadly not to any magistrate or other criminal justice system apparatchik, but to an ordinary taxpayer and his wife.
Judge Christine Laing QC, sitting at Lewes Crown Court, told him he had “no sense of responsibility”.
Really? He's not alone in that, is he?
Judge Laing said the case showed the seriousness of drug driving and the impact it can have. She said: “Mrs Littler was a woman who had nothing but a wholly positive effect over many hundreds of people in her career as a teacher trainer and for groups in society she took part in.
“The impact of her death upon her family is immeasurable. You had drugs within your system, which takes away the driver’s ability to appreciate what they are doing. If you had been at an appropriate speed you would have been able to see them and adjust, they would have crossed the road and been beyond you.
“It beggars belief that you took your young son in that car, clearly drugs takes away your sense of responsibility.
“You caused Carol Littler’s death and caused terrible and long lasting injuries to Mr Littler as well.
Your previous driving convictions show you have a complete disregard for driving laws.
And the lack of meaningful enforcement of those laws shows....what? Answers on a postcard.


Paul said...

And they still didn't give him a permanent ban? After the third time, permaban.

JuliaM said...

It'd make too much sense. We can't have that!